Bremen - Vegesack's KUNSTherbst


At November 22nd 2015 the time had come again.

From 11.00 AM - 5.00 PM nearly 60 artists from

Germany and its neighbor countries showed

in an established great event with all its

interesting facets of modern fine arts

in the

HAVEN HÖÖVT in Vegesack,

Zum Alten Speicher 1


Paintings, Graphics, Photography, Sculptures,

Objects, Digital and Light Art

A considerable program

with the musicians

Björn Jentsch (piano, flute, Saxophone),

Afrikans with Niko van Kahn

and Yaya Samake (Vocals, Djembe, Ballophone);

Performance of the Statt-Theater Vegesack;

Ceremonial introduction by the MDB, Ms Bettina Hornhues;

Opening by Ortsamtsleiter and Schirmherrn Heiko Dornstedt;

Audience award be the „Vegesacker Junge“;

Readings in the KUNSTSCHAUfenster

accompanied the exhibition.