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 Participation of the artist


Bärbel Kock

 in a special exhibition

in the KUNSTSCHAUfenster in the HAVEN HÖÖVT


K i k i m o r a


at September 4th, 2015

from 3.00PM-6.00PM


paintings and objects will be shown.

( see explanation below )





Fine arts are an important part of creative and culture economy.

Freelancer artists and their works have to fight outer influences continually

to familiarize people with their ideas and critical works.



Hag stones were charms for Slavic ethnics which are used for protection

against evil spirits, especially the evil influences of household spirits -Kikimora.

We as freelancer artists still need protection against Kikimoras.

Thus, the name has been chosen.

The charms shall protect the room and the exhibition.

The works will be displayed until October 10th, 2015.