“Die Kunst zu leben”

(the Art of Living)

Network evening of the BPW Germany Club Bremen-Nord e.V.

Business and Professional Women Germany

Speaker: Bärbel Kock

at September the 19th, 2013 at 7.00 p. m. in the KUNSTSCHAUfenster

Artworks are results of human creativity, testimonials of thinking and cultural evolution. But to devote oneself to art, to paint or draw, is not sufficient to work as a freelancer artists and to approved as such. More and more women and men think, they could simply make their hobby their business. Even many art students observe after their college times, that they can't meet the requirements and surrender. Questions, artists ask theirselves: "How and where takes my next exhibition place? How can I organize my projects? How can I deal with press and media?"

Integrated in a guided tour through the current exhibition in the KUNSTSCHAUfenster answers and experiences of the participants are presented.

Guests are welcome. Admission free.